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About Lenny's Home Improvement
Lenny's Home Improvement is a Family Owned and Operated Business providing addition basement remodeling services. Lenny's Home Improvement is an experienced company, bonded and insured when it comes to providing addition basement remodeling services. We will design for you a unique living space and build with superior craftsmanship when it comes to addition basement remodeling services and we will provide the highest quality materials for your addition basement remodeling project. Lenny's Home Improvement also provides Green Solutions. Call us at 314-974-6923.
What Makes Us Unique?
Lenny's Home Improvement provides creativity and high quality work at a reasonable rate because we are family owned. Whether you would like a simple renovation or complete makeover when it comes to your addition basement remodeling project, we will handle all phases of your addition basement remodeling project from Design and Permitting to Finishing. We have over 35 years of experience servicing the addition basement remodeling market. Call us today at 314-974-6923.
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Transform your basement that is finished or UNfinished into a room of your dreams.  Turn this room into a healthier, happier environment that will provide years of enjoyment.  Knowing where to find a quality company to help you with your Basement refinishing or basment remodel services is key to having a successful room in your home. Let the Experts at Lenny's Home Improvement work wonders in your home.  Call us today at 314-974-6923.


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